Sunday, February 19, 2006

Guys with guns

Subject: Noir
I generally prefer "girls with guns" shows, obviously. But this weekend seemed to be themed the other way this time.

On Friday, I finally spun up disc 4 of the "Cowboy Bebop" Remix that I received just before I was ill. I almost stayed up late to make one of my usual gushing posts about it, but I was actually really sleepy by that point. Needless to say, in addition to the top-notch animation, interesting characters, and an extreme attention to detail, the show is filled with excellent emotive "moments". And Wantanabe nails them. Consistently.

The next batch of discs are going to be delayed until at least May, because the company that was doing the duplication went out of business. That's too bad, but I suppose I don't mind waiting all that much.

On Saturday, I got the next couple of discs in my rental queue. "L/R - Licenced by Royalty" disc 2 continued the light-hearted, but slightly bland faux-English spy duo. Mildly interesting, still, but short of a mild hint at a story arc and some minor exposition, there's nothing much that's compelling about it. I'll probably rent it a little longer, though, to see what happens.

And finally, I cast my net a little wider in sampling titles, and wound up with disc one of "Trigun". Amusing, interesting character designs, and reasonably well animated, but by the third episode, the joke had pretty much worn out. I might rent one more for the heck of it, but I really think I've seen enough.

Well, that's all that covers the theme, at least. As a transistion to the fansubs
I caught, there was the 2nd episode of "Meine Liebe Weider", which has the appearance of a guy who used to have a gun. Ooh scary! It definitely jumps into "plot" mode right away, and the cadence overall seems a little halting. But I'll stick with it.

Then there was another episode of "Mushihi" that I missed. No guns there at all, but a really neat "origins" episode where we learn a bit about Ginko, the wandering protagonist. But beyond that, it continues onward in just the same style and tone as always. Which, for this series, I'm cool with.

Finally finally, earlier in the week, I actually finished "Nadia: Secret of Blue Water". A very well done finish that, as promised, makes up for those damed "Island" and "Africa" episodes. Like I said early on, if I had seen this back when it was originally being produced, I would have been all over it.

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