Saturday, March 18, 2006

Round two....

Subject: Noir
...this time it's serious!

I did a little calculation, and I pretty much have to start the rest now if I want to finish by 1 AM or so. I don't want to go too late into the night with gunshots going off and all that; I'm sure my neighbors wouldn't appreciate it.

Not that they've mentioned it the last 6 or 7 times I've done it... Hmmm....

UPDATE: I'm about to start disc 6. The final roller-coaster ride is about to begin. There are so many little bits of foreshadowing up to this point that I'm about to go totally nuts. I can only hope that the translations for the last episodes will help make sense of it all and not totally f* with my head.

Yeah, right!

UPDATE #2: "You are the affection within madness. A kind killer."

"Yes, that is Madlax"...

Oh yeah.........! (now it's time for disc 7. After all this time...)

Ep. 24: "By taking life, by throwing life away, they confirm each other's existence. Humans are such tragic creatures... But I hold that quality beloved..."

UPDATE #3: Elenore. Vanessa was bad enough. Now Elenore. Way back when this first aired, someone on Animesuki mentioned that this episode was both the funniest and most tragic of all of them. And I still agree. 2 more to go...

UPDATE #4: "I am the pain of when we touched truth."...

UPDATE LAST...: And I really don't know what to say. I'm going to have to watch it all again to be able to comment on it in any sort of reasonable way. Right now, though, I'm a total puddle of emotion. The end cut off too short, I think, compared to the actual Japanese version, which really makes it hard for me to reconcile just what the f* happened. Yet I think the actual events before it were rather completely and helpfully done; but it was too fast and too sudden for me to deal with it. I'll try again soon. Hopefully I'll manage to sob myself to sleep quietly with all that happened just now. Wow.

UPDATE REALLY THIS IS THE LAST...: Okay, I compared to the ol' fansubs and what there is on the DVD is exactly what ended on the Japanese version (which showed the final credits during the last couple of scenes, unlike ADV's version). And for the final quote, which is going to stick with me forever:

"There's a me inside of you."

That's the key to the entire series. That's the key to everything, really... (okay, I need to get some sleep; it's late... but still...)

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