Friday, March 03, 2006

"Spider Riders" clips & start date, and ".hack//Roots" start date

Subject: Noir
As found by BTF member thavas, there's now a page Teletoon's clips for "Spider Riders"

I've posted my observations over in the Bee Train Fan thread about it.

EDIT: Oh, right, and the start-dates... both "Spider Riders" and ".hack//Roots" start in Japan on April 5th. Go figure.


KT Kore said...

This so badly doesn't look like anything you would watch. =P

Fellini 8.5 said...

Ha! You know it... it's even more "kiddie" than Tsubasa Chronicle was. *sigh*

Of course, you know, I'm going to subject myself to it anyhow. Maybe it'll cure me of my fanboyism or something. Or maybe I'll just turn down the sound and study the visual technique...

(or maybe I'll download the Japanese version off of Bakaupdates when that comes out... Oooh, I didn't just say that... *cough*)