Sunday, March 12, 2006

Yet Another Summary (in which the Author Thinks Everything Sucked)

Subject: Noir
I suppose if I actually posted when I actually watched these shows, there might be a little more activity around here. Oh well, it's not like there's much to say -- so here goes...

"S-Cry-Ed" disc 1 -- I'm not entirely sure why I wound up putting this in my rental queue, seeing as it's just another typical fighting-teenager show. I guess I'm casting my net out a little desperately of late. Anyhow, it didn't totally suck, and there were some reasonably well-done animated sequences, but there's really nothing there to hook me or make me interested in watching any more.

"Gilgamesh" disc 1 -- Yup. Getting desperate, I guess. Actually, this one's description read like it was at least a little more serious, which is what I'm looking for, but it has that souless bland goth look and really poorly executed character animation that seems to be the cliche of "serious" anime these days. I mean, it was even more boring and lifeless than "Blood +"! The potential of the storyline seemed to have some promise, but considering how flat and dead the rest of it was, why bother watching it on-screen when it would probably do better as a comic book or something. And it probably already is/was. And really, I don't care. Meh.

"Tsubasa Chronicles" movie -- Yeah, okay, I'm bending the rules a little. Okay, a lot. But I was kind of curious, and I've kind of missed having "Tsubasa" around on Sunday mornings. And, yeah, I'm probably going to watch the next season as it comes out, which means it's time to drop my high-and-mighty "ethical" act, and switch to the sheepish, guilty-as-charged act instead. Which is all besides the point, since I was kind of dissappointed in it. Sure, there were some decent, higher-budget animation & artwork touches. But like I've said before, a higher framecount doesn't necessarily make a better animation.

The obvious difference was in Sakura. I've attested many times throughout the first season that it was the sparkle that they managed to give her that kept me hooked. And all the characters had at least a little life to them, despite all the "standing around". But it was pretty much missing in this short 30-minute theatrical release. They were just another set of ordinary cartoon characters, and it relied on your own foreknowledge of their characters in order to fill in the gaps for their motivations. And for me, no sparkle, no sale.

Still, it was better than the other two shows. But that's not exactly a difficult standard to meet. I've also got the "XXXholic" movie it was paired with, but now I'm not entirely certain I want to bother with it. I suppose I'll wind up bored and curious sometime soon. Or I'll want something to complain about...

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