Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Doctor Whoooo-yeah!"

Subject: TV
Episode 3 of the return of the "modern" "Doctor Who" tips it's hat to the old-skool, with an awesome cameo appearance by former companion Sarah-Jane Smith and the indefagitable K-9. Obviously, the inter-companion tension between Sarah-Jane and Billie Piper's character had to be played out, and in the process, we find out that Sarah-Jane still holds a torch for the old man, and has a bit of an abandoment issue. Which, of course, being the strong sort that she is, she gets over, but it's still something to see. And The Doctor's reaction to first seeing her, and subsequent interactions, were quite nostalgic... "Tom Baker-esque", even. K-9, of course, was K-9 -- a bit rusty and clunky, but still the same "tin dog" as remembered.

Anyway, the show is still carrying on the tone of the previous season -- a bit of camp, a big dose of horror-movie, and a whole lot of character. David Tennant is doing pretty well, and the show still makes for an enjoyable Saturday night departure from the typical bunk.

In other TV news, I caught a bit of C-Span's airing of the White House Correspondents Dinner; the bits with Stephen Colbert hosting. As the kids say these days: "OMFG!! LOLLERSKATES!1!! ROFLCOPTER!!1!!!" Very funny stuff. When the man is on, he is totally dead-on. And the whole Helen Thomas bit in the video segment... Awesome.

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