Saturday, April 08, 2006


Subject: Noir
No, no, no... it really doesn't "suck-o". But it still is a "cacaphony of clashing color and clutter" like I surmised on my first viewing way back when. Disc 3, while it advances the story quite a bit more than you'd think, doesn't really escape it.

And like I said about disc 2, there are still "sparks" to be found. I'm still a big fan of Eugenie, though her character loses a bit of that independence I thought I felt in that moment I mentioned in disc 2. And the story itself seems to be progressing, and I'm still interested in seeing where it's going.

I want to be clear here: I appreciate the effort and design that's going into this series. It's got a lot of unique elements going for it, and I'm all for experimentation. But overall, I still feel that it's missing a big opportunity to break free from the "typical" anime trappings that it is otherwise beholden to once you shake loose the veneer of the "artsy" stuff. But I've already complained about the "veneer" business. Oh well.

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