Sunday, April 30, 2006

"If it wasn't for disappointments..."

Subject: Noir
"...I wouldn't have any appointments." Or so the old Smiths lyrics go.

I watched the opening episode of the new "Tsubasa Chronicle" season, and there was a surprise in store. The surprise being that Mashimo has handed the show off to one of his staff, like with "Meine Liebe". Well, I shouldn't say it's a "surprise", per se, seeing how much is going on right now with Bee Train.

I get a little bit into my review of it here. To sum up, it was kind of disappointing. Go figure.

One more mild disappointment while I'm here... I gave the first two episodes of "The Third" a spin. Actually, I didn't have any great expectations about it, but the hook was a bit irresistable to me. The hook being the lead character -- a sword-wielding gun-toting young lady. You know me and my thing for uber-skilled dames. Heh.

Anyway, while there seemed to be some potential, it really is just another silly cliche-filled run-of-the-mill manga-based show. I'll give it a couple of more if I'm bored, but if it were maybe a little more serious in both design and tone, I'd probably be glued to it. As it stands, not so much. Oh well.

Finally, just a quickie... I thought I'd take a peek at what is billed as the "shoujou-ai sci-fi" heavy-hitter of the season, "Simoun". Starting off, it seemed a bit cheap, and the design really wasn't doing anything for me, but when it got to the point a few minutes in where the two girl pilots kissed each other, then kissed a big glowing bowling ball, and then all the girl pilots for the other ships did the same thing, I just started laughing. I couldn't help it, and I couldn't stop. It was the stupidest thing I had seen in a long time. So I stopped the show right there, laughed for a good five more minutes or so, and then moved on with my life. Ay carumba!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there -_^ I waited for your review on the new Tsubasa series and I expected it would be a disappointed one :P Well, don't know if it cheers you up, but Tsubasa should have begun from a completely different world(much serious than Piffle), but obviously NHK had to stick their nose and they made this choice to let Tsubasa start with a "lighter" suggestion is to try hold on while there is Piffle world(it's not all bad), I think that what you say is lacking here you'll probably find it in the next worlds(hopefully Bee Train/NHK won't make serious changes to the story). Besides that, it's true, Bee Train's name appears only in the ending song, toward the end...that's weird indeed ^_^" About the directors, they should be both Morioka and Mashimo, at least that's what I read around until now.:)