Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not a healthy pace

Subject: Noir
For a variety of reasons, it's been a mostly-crummy bunch of days since my last entry. But a couple of things managed to cross my path at certain times, so I'm just going to catalog them quickly.

"Zone of Enders" disc 1 -- Meh. Thought it might be a little more mature sci-fi, but it was kind of lame. I gave up at 2 episodes.

"Noein" episode 20 -- Neat. I'm really just watching it for the experimental value rather than the plot, which kind of meanders.

"Windy Tales" episode 10 -- Yay! More "Windy Tales"! Though watching an episode about snow was in direct conflict with the fact that it's been quite wonderfully sunny and warming up of late...

"Meine Leibe" episode 3 -- Yuck. Okay, I decided to jump ahead of where Shi-Fa was at, because all of these Bee Train series showing up all at once had me itching to watch more. But, alas, by trying to introduce some semblance of a "plot", it only makes it all the more cheesier. And all the Mashimo-esque qualities that would at least give me something to study are pretty much missing. My bias + new "Meine Liebe" = Bo-ring!

"Captain Harlock" episodes 1 & 2 -- Kicking back old-skool with a series that I'm pretty sure I saw some of back in college; a lot of it seems quite wince-worthy, or downright unintentionally hilarious, but there's nothing like some nostalgic charm to let me forgive a show's transgressions. Another bias, it looks like...

On the TV front, the newest season (and incarnation) of "Doctor Who" started up on Saturday. There's something addicting to being able to watch a show that aired on the BBC a mere 4 hours afterwards. They get it at 8pm GMT, and I was viewing it by 7pm EDT. Almost like going back in time... Anyway, I wasn't sure if I'd dig the new new Doctor, but he's doing alright.

Finally, one movie: "Robots" -- the computer animated release from last year by the folks who did "Ice Age". Eh. It was okay; just a string of gags and a lot of shiny objects. Not much else in the "redeeming value" department. As I've said before, if this showed up years ago, I'd have been ga-ga over the technological accomplishments. Now-a-days, I expect a little more.

New raws for "Spider Riders" and ".hack//Roots" showing up now, so if I get a chance to watch 'em, maybe I'll say something about it over on Bee Train Fan...

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