Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Subject: Noir
Once again, far too many days have passed between posts. Not too much to talk about, and things have gotten busy enough at work that I'm worn out and computer-phobic when I get home. *Sigh*

But, again, a quick run-down of the few things I saw:

I had started to follow-through on my idea on Friday to watch a bit of "MADLAX" for the heck of it, but that was interrupted in a way that really took me out of the mood. Oh well.

My rentals for the week were the last disc of "L/R", and disc 4 of "Texhnolyze". The way "L/R" started made me realize that I really didn't remember how the previous episode went at all. It was almost as if I had missed an entire disc or something. That said, it wasn't that hard to figure out what was going on, and the last stretch was entertaining enough, though rather predictable. Overall, not bad. "Texhnolyze" continued to trudge along, and I guess I pretty much stopped caring about what was going on and just wanted to get through it. I think I fell asleep entirely by the last episode on the disc, which is for the best, I suppose.

Not much more to say besides the fact that I did watch episodes 3 of both the "Spider Riders" raw and ".hack//Roots" fansub over the weekend, but I really didn't find much worth posting about. Nothing really to complain about, but nothing really to add to what I've already mentioned. New raws for both should be out tonight, and hopefully there'll be at least a ".hack" fansub by the weekend -- I can handle the former in-the-raw because it's simple enough, but ".hack" will be ".hack" and rely on a lot of expositionary dialouge to get through it. So I'll wait.

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