Monday, May 29, 2006

A coupla mo' "Tsubasa" episodes

Subject: Noir
I got through eps 29 and 30 of "Tsubasa Chronicle" this morning with breakfast (it's a holiday weekend, so I don't have to work). I guess 29, which wrapped up the race, wasn't entirely awful -- though the very, very long expository monologues were rather excruciating to sit through. Oh well.

Ep 30 returns to the world they left in ep 26, only to find they're being set up to have to watch the undoing of their previous ressurrection trick. That is, everyone's gotta die again. Another Mashimo-directed one, it is chock full of touching flashbacks, and heavy on the emotional cues. Which, frankly with recent events, I really wasn't letting myself get caught up in it in any way. Just couldn't do it. It was a bit much right now.

I mean, it was just a children's show and I've got to be 3 times the target age group, so it wasn't anything particularly tragic or painful to watch or anything, but it was trying to tap into an emotial zone, and I really didn't want to go there right now. No biggie.

I've still got episode 31 to go before I'm caught up; I figure I'll watch that with breakfast tomorrow (as I'm taking another day off so I can catch up on chores around the house). And that will pretty much wrap up my anime supply until the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

You know,knowing the recent facts, I thought about what you could have said after watching it...but hey,take the positive message said by Sakura's father..I think it can help you very much ^^ That episode indeed was very emotional, and I was very pleased as always cause it's an original episode, not taken directly from the manga...Until now, I really liked all of the original episodes made up by Bee Train ^_^