Sunday, May 21, 2006

Short resumption

Subject: Noir
Well, last night, I just rewatched the end of "Batman Begins" on HBO and went to bed instead of getting back into the anime thang, which was for the best, as I was kind of worn out.

This morning, I went for ep 21 of "Noein" for Sunday breakfast, which went alright as far as easing me back into it all. Nothing particularly gripping, yet nothing off-putting either, so that was okay. I guess it's approaching the finale, but I really don't know where it's going. No biggie, though.

I saw that a preview episode of ".hack//Online Jack" was available, so I grabbed that and watched it before resuming my place in "//Roots"... and was kind of dissappointed. It's just a promo of the OVA that will be included on the games, so I'm not surprised, but it was kind of lame in the animation department. It also gave away what I'm guessing is going to be a critical story element, so I'm not sure I should have watched it before getting further along on "//Roots" -- oh well. Again, not that it was a big surprise or anything. I'll get to that whenever I get further along.

I only got as far as episode 5 of ".hack//Roots" today, but I have 6 and 7 downloaded. 2 in a row was about as much as I could sit through. A couple of new locations were introduced, and a couple of more "rules" of the virtual universe they inhabit were illuminated, but so far it's still continuing it's vague obfuscation game. Which is fine, but I guess I'm feeling a little more impatient than usual. The characters seem to be developing pretty well, and they all have their little sparks of "life" to them. But I guess I'll just take a little break before I try and catch up with the remainder.

I grabbed the raws I didn't have yet for "Spider Riders". Unfortunately, only Saiyaman is providing those now, so I held my nose and grabbed them anyhow. I'm not sure when I'll watch 'em, but for completeness' sake, I at least have 'em.

I haven't gone looking for "Tsubasa Chronicle" episodes yet, though there didn't seem to be any recent releases anyhow. I guess I'm not really in a hurry for that, but I suppose I'll get around to those soon enough. For completeness' sake. *cough*

One final note: It's my blogiversary! Exactly two years ago, I went to Blogger and started this whole mess. And a handful of you keep coming back and reading it all, even though I haven't been particularly inspired in my writing of late. Thanks for sticking with it, though. Hopefully the cloud that's been over my head this year will clear up soon and I'll be able to pick up the pace (and mood) around here a little.

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