Friday, May 12, 2006

Thanks, everyone

I want to thank everyone for your words and notes; while I'm not much of one for sentimental stuff, I've discovered it really does help. A lesson I'll file away for the future, I'm sure.

Everything is going smoothly, and I expect that I'll return in another week or so. I'm actually downloading some more ".hack" overnight, and will probably watch it at some point as a distraction.

I've definitely got some issues that I have to work through in my head about this. Duh. A couple of them are sticking rather hard. But that's normal and natural, and will be helped with time. I think by the time the next week is up, though, I'll be ready to try and get back on track with my life. And I suspect I'll be at least a smidgen more inspired to live it a little more fully.

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