Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'd like to introduce everyone...

Subject: Musings my new little girl!

(No, no, I didn't go reproduce... *cough*)

She's a 2006 Ford Mustang V6 convertible. Relatively basic, and with the current incentives and "X-Plan" discount (and 0% financing!), quite reasonable in price. I also managed to get a decent trade-in price for my Jag (though it still stings to think of how fast the value dropped from what I originally paid for it. *sob*).

I'm pretty happy with it. It's no Jag as far as interior quality, ride, or accelleration goes, but at nearly half the price, the benefits it does have more than sufficiently make up for it. Plus, it's cheaper to insure, cheaper to repair, and I like the service department a lot more than the guys over at the local Jag dealership.

I've been looking for a less "snooty" vehicle for a while now, and with the Jag misbehaving when I needed it the most last month, I was motivated to make the change. My mom is giving me my dad's minivan, so I no longer need a truck or year-round utility vehicle, so I figured I'd buy something fun for the summertime.

There's only been a few cars that have managed to pull of the "retro-yet-modern" look -- one of them was my Jag, and another is the new Mustang. I will probably do a few minor appearance modifications -- but very subtle, modern ones; like de-badging, and getting non-chrome, hi-tech wheels.

The stereo isn't too bad, but the speakers could stand to be swapped out with a set of Polks or something. Still, with the stock components and subwoofers, it gives a bit of a thump, and overall it's quite clear even with the top down (which is the primary mode the car will ever be driven in *grin*). Oh, and it plays MP3 discs, which is cool. The inaugural song that I cranked up when I drove it off the lot was...

..."Salva Nos"! Go figure.

(Still haven't gotten to "Nowhere" yet... But soon!)

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