Sunday, June 11, 2006

This Week in Anime, digest edition

Subject: Noir
Aside from "Bebop" and "Gantu-whasis", I managed to catch up with a few more shows.

"Read Or Die" disc 5 -- continuing the new arc, there's not much more I can say other than "continuing". There's nothing particularly insightful about the show; it just maintains a fun pace. Ends with Yet Another Cliffhanger, and is liberally sprinkled with melodrama throughout. There can't be too much more left to this, I figure.

".hack//Roots" eps 9 & 10 -- both showed up this week; 9 came late, and 10 was turned around in seemingly record time. Of course, with such speed-subbing, I get the feeling that I might be missing something. Everything seems more vague than usual, at least in spots. There's some very interesting character identity clues, which makes the mystery a little more interesting, but it's still kind of baffling and I think I'm probably just going to have to resign myself to giving it another viewing when the discs finally come out in the US before I can get a better picture of it. Otherwise, it still looks & sounds great, and it's chock-full of special little character-driven moments, where more is said with the visual expressions than with the actual (vague) dialogue.

"Popolocrois Story" ep 19 -- I almost missed this release entirely; thankfully I thought to go searching to see if there was a recent one. More of the "kid's show that has something more to it" vibe. There are obvious moral lessons and such things in the main plot, and it's mostly predictible how that goes, but it's still got that little bit of magic to it -- and not just because it's 1/2 magical-girl show... Anyway, as usual, skip the annoyingly saccharine OP & ED. Bleh.

Speaking of "kid's show that has something more to it", I saw the raw for "Spider Riders" ep 10 as well. This time we get a lot more time with the "ultra-dangerous, brooding" young lady. I think I said something or other about that archetype once upon a time... *grin* Anyway, good stuff even though I don't understand it. Oh, and the Saiyaman raws have commercials in it. Amusing at first, but they're always the same ones... bleh. The dub will be airing soon on Kid's WB, though I'm not entirely certain I want to subject myself to it.

"Mushishi" returns after a long break with ep 21! And wow, what a creepy-awesome episode it was. Not that I'm generally into the creepy stuff, but the payoff at the end was worth it alone. What a great understated, underrated show! I really should snag one of the HD raws one of these days just to see it, but since the dialogue is kind of important, I will just bide my time.

"Windy Tales" ep 11 showed up by surprise, too. This one seemed to be even more "slice-of-lifey" than the rest, if that's even possible. Atmospherically, I was just fine with it, but the story this time wasn't holding my interest as much. For what it was, it continued it's excellent, quirky execution, and as a whole, the series is still fascinating to watch.

That's about it. I've got what is supposed to be the last "Noein" episode downloaded, but I haven't had a chance to get to it. Or this week's "Doctor Who" for that matter. But hey, the new season for "Deadwood" starts tonight!

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