Sunday, June 04, 2006

The weekend

Subject: Noir
Just a couple of things this weekend. I didn't get a chance yet to see the latest ".hack" episode; maybe I can get to it before "The Sopranos" finale tonight. No sign of the latest "Tsubasa" episode or "Spider Riders" raw for that matter -- though for "Spider Riders", BTF member Bulmafox noticed a commercial for it on the Kid's WB cartoon block. So I guess that means it's going to be in the 'States later this month.

Anyway, to the watch-list!

"Fantastic Children" disc 1 -- recently released, it finally made it to me from GreenCine. I had watched the first episode of it on a recommendation, but I can't find the post I had made... Anyway, I remember that I thought it was pretty cool and awaited the discs before I continued. And it's worth the wait, for sure. There's definitely life in the characters, and the story is intriguing, though rather obfuscated at this point. But it's set up to make you want to see the pieces come together, and they give you tantalizing little tastes each step of the way. Good stuff.

"Read Or Die" disc 4 -- it would seem that the "R.O.D." series must have been planned for just 13 episodes, because it ended that run in a climatic battle that resulted in quite a disaster. But then picks up at episode 14 with what was almost exclusively a backstory monologue, tying in the events of the OVA and trying to set up the state of the world and the motivations of the "bad guys". Then the last two episodes start a new arc, bringing together the OVA and the series to continue the storyline. Otherwise, no real breakthroughs or anything -- just an expansion of Team Nerdy Girl by a couple more. Nothing wrong with that. *grin*

Finally, disc 5 of "Cowboy Bebop: Remixed" showed up, so that occupied my rainy Saturday evening. Much fun to be had, and I think I've pretty much said everything there is to say about this show. This may edge out "Kino's Journey" from it's #3 spot... Oh heck, it does! It was pretty much a tie before, but I think I'm convinced. Of course, when I finally get around to watching "Kino's" again, I might change my mind again... Heh.

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