Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Subject: Musings
Well, not terribly so. My crawlspace under the dining room is flooded and has maybe 6" of standing water in it. The garage was half-flooded.

My gutters, which I had just freakin' cleaned were clogged again, so that was causing some serious drainage issues. Also contributing would probably be that new patio I had put in last year. So this evening is occupied with aquiring new dehumidifiers, pumps, hoses, and whatnot, and getting all mucky. Bleh.

Prime time I could have used to catch up with ".hack//Roots". Whatever; just another busy evening in a busy week. At least I finished up all the paperwork I needed to do to transfer my Dad's minivan into my name.

So I guess I now drive a minivan. Who'd have thought? At least I have that Mustang to bring balance back into the universe...

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