Saturday, July 15, 2006


Subject: Noir
I caught up with eps 14 & 15 of ".hack//Roots" this evening. While there's no doubt I'm enjoying the show (especially the eye candy and overall Mashimo-ness), I can't say that I have any idea where this is heading.

That is to say, the whole "mystery" thing isn't really catching on with me.

There's a lot of (what I assume is) MMORPG mechanics going on in the guise of a character study. And I like the character study part, don't get me wrong. But short of a few dramatic events, I'm having a hard time feeling any connection to a "plot" of any sort.

".hack//SIGN" managed to hook me after two discs, and there were episodes that made it tough to discern any "plot" there either. It was all about the character study for a while there. It's just that I figured by episode 15, maybe there'd be something a little more to it.

Shino's coma, and the events surrounding it, are all well and good, but this "Tri-Edge" business isn't making much sense, nor is it instilling much foreboding. Everything's just a tad to obscure right now for me to sink my hooks into it.

I suppose when it's in the final arc, I'll find enough redeeming value to forgive all of this, but right now, especially now that it's competing with nice outdoor weather and a busy, busy schedule, I'm struggling a bit.

On a different note, regarding "Spider Riders", I've got up to ep 14 (S^M is naming it wrong because they skipped one), with ep 15 to go. And probably because my expectations are a lot lower for it (a lot lower!), I'm still enjoying it. Raw and all. I haven't been keeping up with the dub, but the Japanese raws were cool.

I seem to have drastically fallen on the Google rankings for "Spider Riders", so my daily hit count has fallen as well. Oh well. It's not like I've been able to say anything insightful about it.

And as for "Tsubasa Chronicle" -- where the heck did that dissappear to?? Just when it was getting interesting again... (that is, just when it was getting directed by Mashimo most of the time again... Heh.)

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