Monday, July 03, 2006

Rose Tylor says "This is the story of how I..."

Subject: TV
...What did she just say?!?

Holy Moly!

Doctor Who episode 12 commences the 2-part season finale, and boy, howdy, is it a cliffhanger. Now, I know if you've been following the British Entertainment press, you can kind of guess what she's getting at. But, wow, they really set it up with a very dark, bleak tone when they open with her monologue like that.

At any rate, this was pretty much the setup for the big battle in the finale. And ooh what a battle it will be! From last week's previews we see that those pesky Cybermen are involved, but just wait 'til you see the special surprise guests!

They are also setting up the upcoming spin-off series "Torchwood" (an anagram of "Doctor Who", by the way), so we'll see where that goes. Seems kind of silly so far; at least that aspect of it, and the characters involved.

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