Saturday, July 01, 2006

This weekend's rentals

Subject: Noir
I've got a few friends coming over to BBQ on Sunday, so I've spent most of my evenings and all of today cleaning up around the house. So there are a few downloads I haven't gotten to yet. But I managed to squeeze in my GreenCine rentals for the week.

"Read Or Die" disc 7 -- Is it done yet? Oh, yeah. It is! Yay. Actually, it wasn't too bad or anything; I was just growing a little weary of the overdone melodrama bits. And the story itself kind of devolved into total wierdness, what with the British Library trying to reformat the world's brains and all... Uhhh...

Still, to sum up, the characterizations were quite lively and unique, and they held their own despite the wackiness. The animation was quite well done where it counted, and even the shortcuts were mostly tolerable. A 5.1 surround soundtrack in Japanese, with a fun score helped a lot. Still, a bit too overdone in spots, but it managed to be fun enough to be a worthwhile rental.

"Eureka 7" disc 1 -- Right off the bat, I winced. The opening shot of the OP was of a kid on a surfboard. And not just any surfboard, but a rocket-powered surfboard. And not just any rocket-powered surfboard, but a flying rocket-powered surfboard. And, as it turns out, the show revolves around giant robots who fly around on giant rocket-powered surfboards.

(Okay, I know they're not actually "rocket" powered, but close enough for blogging purposes...)

Add on top of it all one of my least favorite cliches: the young teenage boy who has a crush on the emotionally un-responsive, far-too-mature-for-her-age girl.

That all said, it wasn't all that bad. The animation is pretty reasonable, and the action has it's plusses. There's a bit lacking in the overall narrative structure though, and it seems to devolve more into the usual relationship cliches as the episodes go on. And it only went through 4 of them so far! *sigh*

I dunno, I guess I won't be in too much of a hurry to keep renting this one. I am pretty much out of anime rental ideas, or at least I will be shortly. So I guess I'll at least give it another chance.

That's about it. Hopefully I'll catch up with ".hack//Roots", "Tsubasa Chronicle", and (finally) the latest raw of "Spider Riders" sometime soon.


KT Kore said...

Eureka Seven's nothing too special up until about episode 9-11, then you can see a bit of the special quirks that it has that will develop more and more as the story goes on. The "cave arc", as I like to call it, begins then. There many of the mysterious story elements begin to surface. It's certainly one of the more unique series I've seen and after finishing it recently, it's definitely upon one of my favorites.

If you can watch Spider Riders (cheap shot, I know), I'm sure you could enjoy Eureka Seven. I'll say stick with it.

Fellini 8.5 said...

cheap shot... Hah! And a deserved one. *grin*

Well, I've done well by your recommendations in general. And, in fact I may have added it to my rental queue because of your blogging, if I recall (though I made it a point not to read too much to avoid any spoilers). So I'll stick it out 'til disc 3 then.