Sunday, July 23, 2006

Very few fansubs

Subject: Noir least compared to the early days of this blog...

One that's "new-to-me" was recommended by Makoto: "Zettai Shonen". It seems to have an interesting story, at least, more interesting than most series so far. And the characters have potential to be interesting, though they seem to be made up of the standard archetypes on the surface. It doesn't seem to be licensed yet, so I will probably try a few more. Oh, and one point-of-interest: It's screenplay credits show a couple of writers from various ".hack" offerings. Cool.

Speaking of ".hack", "//Roots" seems to have come back from it's little sideline from last week, and appears to be starting a new arc. Ovan is lurking about, Haseo is going mad, Tabby is feeling useless, and, for some reason, Col. Richard Burton has started playing... Huh? Okay, okay, so all the Bee-Train mustachioed characters have some similarities; still, you can't tell me that wasn't the first thing you thought of too? *sigh* Anyway, that's yet another new character introduced with no real grounding as to why we should care. But he's got that mature "badass" intensity about him, so I expect he'll wind up being cool enough.

I'm still waiting for someone to be a veteran from "//SIGN" though!

Another episode of "Tsubasa Chronicle" finally surfaced, as well. It wraps up the very CLAMP-y arc in what seems to be a very CLAMP-y fashion. Whatever that is. Though you know what I mean.

Still, something's brewing, and we may finally get to an episode where we'll get into the real meat of the plot. Hopefully.

I've tried to watch more of the "Spider Riders" dub. But I just can't do it. It's really, really awful! I'm starting to get a bit lost with the Japanese episodes as well, as the actual narrative is starting to mean something, I think. It's still fun to watch on a totally academic level, but it's getting to the point that I'll just need to wait for translated, subtitled DVDs to show up in order to get anything further from it.

Finally, I caught up with the most recent "Windy Tales" release from Shi-Fa. Very literary, and focused on colors. Nice, but I guess I wasn't as much in the mood for the usual pace of things this time, and got a bit impatient with it. I would guess that it's going to wrap up with the next episode or so, as I can't see how they'd be able to sustain this beyond a typical 13 episode season. It's a neat experiment, but it doesn't really grow or evolve any further. Which is fine for what it is; that's why I figure it can't go on much longer.

...Oh, I almost forgot; I rented and saw "Riding Bean", which was the OVA that preceded "Gunsmith Cats". Also set in Chicago, also featuring a bit of a vehicular and weapons fetish, and co-starring Rally Vincent. Short, fun, and amusing.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Zettai Shounen was a nice little show. As a BeeTrain fan, the slow pace sat well with me, and the unassuming slice of life style couple with the mystery and weirdness was entertaining to watch.