Sunday, August 06, 2006

"Express" written permission

Subject: Cinema
Well, after that rambling bit of PWI from Friday night, I think I can only improve from there, eh? Sheesh. Actually, this one's just going to be a quickie...

"Chunking Express" is Kar Wai Wong's 1994 breakthrough into the international scene. It's a delightful little 2-parter, that really does a fine job establishing his style of making a very "personal" film. That is to say, maybe not so much something personally from himself, but more personal in the way his characters are portrayed, and experienced by the audience. You really can't help but get drawn into their worlds. And like with "In the Mood for Love", the little details and sense of place that surrounds them is very intimate, very close-quartered.

There's a bit of dorkiness to it though, and that might come from the feeling that in each vingette, at least one of the characters is, well, a bit of a dork. It makes it all the more charming, though.

My only real problem with it otherwise is that I didn't actually know that it was a 2-parter, and I got a bit confused by the transistion. Yes, even though the lead performers changed, even when the cop was now Tony Leung Chiu Wai, who I recognize from "In the Mood for Love" and countless John Woo films. I couldn't quite make the leap for a little while, and wondered what the connection was.

Other than that, it was filled with neat little moments, and a lot of simple amusement. Definitely worth a rental.

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