Sunday, August 20, 2006

Phase 2

Subject: Noir
Since I'm taking a long weekend, I'm going to attempt to finish off discs 4-7 this evening. I should take the time to savour every shot (visual and gun) and not rush, so we'll see just how far I actually do get...

...and we're totally at the End Of It All, and it totally pwnes me like no other show. Dark Kirika, and the awful moments that created her; those still get me like no other seqenece. Mirielle, walking across the intersection only to have the lights change because she's too slow... I know that heavy burden all too well... "Daisuki Mireille" indeed.

And now the end, the last three episodes. I've missed this to no small extent. There's something here that most anime can't claim, and I'm priveledged to make it my own, even after all these years...

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