Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Howl"-ing again

Subject: Cinema
I was on the verge of gearing up for an all-nighter of "MADLAX" when I chickened out. I figured I was a bit too tired. Oh well.

I did watch my recently-aquired DVD of "Howl's Moving Castle", which I saw in it's theatrical (and dubbed) run last year. This time, in Japanese. And since it really hasn't changed, I can't say that I got anything additional out of it. As it was when watching the dub, I was able to figure exactly which of the simpler Japanese familiar phrases were being said at any given time, so I don't think anything was added or missing one way or the other. Quality work all around.

One of these day's I'll start watching the extras on all these Miyazaki discs I have, but for now, I have nothing more to say.

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