Monday, September 04, 2006

Messing with Blogger

Subject: Musings
There's a new version of Blogger, and I figured I'd give it a try because there's some new features. It'll take me a while to restore the old CSS I used, so hang in there if you find this look as irritating as I do.

Update -- Hrm. One of the new features I want is the ability to label subjects, and it works, but I have to manually edit over 550 posts! Yikes! I'm wondering if I should just go spend the time porting this thing over to WordPress instead...

There's an RSS feed feature too, but I'm pretty sure WordPress has that too. I guess I'll think about it...

Update 2 -- I've reverted back to the old template for now while I mull it over. Ahh. That's better.

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