Saturday, September 30, 2006

What once was lost, now is found...

Subject: Noir
I had gotten in the habit of relying on for all of my Japanese bittorrent goodness. But since it was down this morning, I took a peek over at mininova, and found out that a group other than YGO had recent releases of the current season of "Tsubasa Chronicle"! Hooray! It was just starting to get good again, and it dissappeared a few weeks ago. Anyway, a search over at Mininova will be all you need to get caught up. It'll still take me a little while to get to watch them, but I'm glad to have them!

Also, the raws for "Spider Riders" had dried up (heck, now that the "WB" network has changed, even the US airing of the awful dub dissappeared!). Of course, I've complained a lot about how bad Saiyaman's raws were, and maybe that was my karmic punishment for that. Thankfully, though, a new memeber over on the 'Fan posted a link to her collection of raws. Ahh. There's some gaps, but now I've got downloaded all the way to episode 26. I'm looking forward to catching up here, as well.

Supposedly, "Spider Riders" was doing well in the "Kid's WB" slot, so it's possible that it will make a comeback. Dunno. If you watch whatever the heck the new network is called, and you want to see more Mashimo on TV, then make sure you gently bug them (ha ha, I'm so funny!) to bring it back!

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