Thursday, October 19, 2006

And the season thus far...?

Subject: Noir

I've already meh'd "Pumpkin Scissors", "D.Gray Man" and "Death Note", and haven't bothered keeping up with any of them. I grabbed a couple of more since then:

"Kemonozume" ep 1 -- on Hayama's recommendation, I've gave this a shot, and it was different, for sure. A raw style that I think I could get used to, though the story to this point isn't all that compelling. It's more interesting than most, though, so I've downloaded a couple of more to see where it goes.

"Tenpo Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi" ep 1 -- first I downloaded the raw, and gave up pretty quickly, because there just wasn't anything there to grab me, so the lack of knowing what the dialogue was about was an annoyance. When I finally got a hold of a translation, I couldn't get very far with that either. It's pretty much "yeah, whatever" for me. More "meh".

"009-1" ep 1 -- again with the raw (but no translation as of yet) -- I dunno; I fell asleep in the middle of it and don't remember anything about what I did see, besides an overall impression of not being particularly impressed yet. I'm going to wait for a translation before I give it another go.

"Red Garden" ep 1 -- probably the most interesting that I've dug up so far. I watched the raw first, and my first thought was "fashion plates" -- you know, those fashion drawings that are meant to emphasize some particular clothing style or color scheme. While I'm notoriously very un-fashionable myself, I thought it was pretty obvious that was a core design element.

That, and the noses.

Everybody seems to be talking about the noses on these characters. Basically, it's an overall departure from the usual anime ski-slopes, and I think it gives the characters more, well, character. Anyway, combined with the overall stylistic approach, and some of the overall unique touches to the technique (a character breaks into a melancholy song, and it's been reported that the dialogue track was actually recorded western-style -- that is, before the animation instead of after), is keeping this one on my "keep my eye on it" list, even though the overall animation and story (finally saw translations the other night) aren't anything special at this point.

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