Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Torchy, Dorky, Sorky, uh...

Subject: TV
...and Icky? Hmm. Anyway, those are the four shows I'm watching besides "Galact-o-yeah" this season. A lot, for me.

"Torchy" means the premiere of the spinoff of "Doctor Who" -- "Torchwood". Thanks to the miracle of the internets, I was able to download it some hours after it aired on the BBC. The "Torchwood" organization was introduced in the recent seasons; heck, "Torchwood" is an anagram of "Doctor Who". It's the super-secret started-by-Queen-Victoria anti-alien squad, headed up by Captain Jack, of all people. Seems to be a sort of "CSI-meets-Men-In-Black" kind of concept. Anyway, it has much the same sort of attitude as the new Who, crossed with cop drama, and with the innuendo and "strong language" kicked up a notch. Fun so far; hope it lasts.

"Dorky" -- well, that's "Heroes". Last week, just as I was going to give up on it, it ended with a bit of a hook. A hook totally baited for nerd. Hiro, the irritating Japanese Star Trek fan (WTF?), shows up as his future incarnation, all dramatically dressed in black, with a katana across his back, being all intense and speaking perfect English. Then the episode ended. I blinked twice, and thought "hey, that was cool", and actually looked forward to this week.

Well, it wound up a little dissappointing, because the guy who plays Hiro (or the director, I figure) couldn't quite get the foreboding presence to carry through an actual exchange of dialogue with the emo-haircut sponge-powers kid. But, it was still enough of an entertaining twist that I was able to take the rest of the episode in stride. Even though it's rather sub-optimally written. It's very comic-book, but you really need to follow-through on-screen and with the performances if you want to pull "comic-book" off. I keep thinking that if it were animated, I'd probably not be so critical of it. Heck, to me, everything's better when it's animated! *grin*

Anyway, it ended again giving me a little bit of a chill -- the catchphrase I'm sure you'll all see buzzing around for the next couple of weeks: "Save the cheerleader, save the world". Looking back on it, that's really kind of stupid. But, it's a fun stupid. I guess I'll stick with it a little longer; if anything, it'll give me a chance to type up some classic sarcastic rants again.

Let's see, where was I? ...ah, "Sorky" -- Aaron Sorkin's "Studio 60". It seems to be turning into Sorkin's masturbatory fantasy of what he wants TV to be, combined with his schlocky nostalgia for what TV was at one point. But, it's rolled together in his trademark snappy dialogue and interesting on-screen moments, so I'm still in on this one. But I'll probably wind up complaining about it too. Or worse -- I'll find there's nothing worth writing about with it. A shame.

Finally, "Icky" is Showtime's "Dexter" -- a series that follows a serial killer. Who works forensics for the police. Who exclusively hunts other serial killers. Definitely meant to layer on the "ick" factor, but surround it with what they hope will be interesting characters. A bit psychological, a bit mystery, a bit bland in spots. Anyway, it turns out there's another serial killer that's on to Dexter, and is taunting him and trying to lead him on a chase. Intercut that with all the things Dexter tries to do to "blend into normal life", and spin out a couple of side-stories with the other characters, and, well, I guess that's about it. It's curious and all, but it seems to pretend that it's more edgy than it actually is. Still, it's on my list for a while longer.

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