Friday, November 03, 2006

Galact-oh-yeah = Galact-astonishing!

Subject: TV
"End of Line."

My gods, they used "End of Line"!

Last week's episode, that I didn't get around to commenting on, was rather tight and gripping, though all-together an obvious statement about secret tribunals and unconstitutional presidential orders and all that. Whatever. Compared to this week, that was just a bunch of schlock.

Even the undercurrent of the "we were in the shit, you weren't" thread this week was just the minor bit-player to the really cool stuff that happened.

We got a really detailed glimpse into the Cylons this time. And it was a little bit surreal (and a tad low-budget, accordingly), and very, very illuminating. And completely fascinating. We get introduced to the base ships as another model, with one who's picked up an Earth-originated disease, technobabbling incoherently with various machine and computing parameters. And we get into "Cylon psychology 101" a little bit. As well as get clued into the whole bit about the fact that there are even more "models" than we've been introduced to so far. It's this exploration into new territory that's most fascinating, go figure.

But then, one of base-ship consciousnesses goes and says "End of Line". My jaw dropped in awe of the not-quite-obscure reference.

"Tron". No, really, that old freaking Disney experiment from the height of the 80's videogame craze. The MPC would always conclude it's conversations with the totally geeky phrase "End of Line". How could this show not be aware of that connotation? I love it!

I really hope it can keep up the pace. I was getting a little worried about it last season, but now that there's so much dimension to explore, I can't wait to see where this season goes.

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