Monday, November 20, 2006

The non-elite opinion?

Subject: TV
A lot of the snarkier elitist Sorkin fans have been really critical of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". And, I suppose, it's their right and all.

But I'm enjoying it. It feels better than most everything else on network TV. The authenticity is a little strained, and the depth is a little lacking, but it still feels like something smart and enjoyable is going on. Which is all we can ask for these days.

And while I'm on the "Monday-night-on-NBC" thing, our quirky-dumb favorite "Save the cheerleader, save the world" saved the gawddamned cheerleader tonight, and yet we learned nothing! The previews for next week lead us to beleive that we just might, and there was a little bit of a tease about Our Man Hiro and what happened to him (he has become the big-time fave of the fans of this show, and he's got the resume to make it a good thing, what with his ILM nerdy background and all), and even though I was about to yell at the stupid TV and swear my vengance against the show, in the last minute it seemed to redeem itself an make me want to watch another week. Grr.

That's about it for network TV. I didn't comment on "Galact-oh-yeah", mostly because it goes without saying. "End Of Line" still plays a prominent part of the Cylon subconcious, which is totally fucking awesome, but beyond that, it's just more watch-'n-worship as far as I'm concerned.

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