Thursday, November 02, 2006

Over a week again, huh?

Subject: Musings
Well, it looks like blogging, forum posting, and The Internets in general have fallen by the wayside for me again. *sigh*

No real excuse, 'cept for a general malaise not unlike "Seasonal Affective Disorder"; but otherwise nothing serious. Just following my instincts to shut off the world for a little bit and take a break.

I've got a couple of backlogged loggings to blog; uninspired as they may be. I think I'm going to fiddle around with the new Blogger templates too, so there may be some temporary display oddities. Hang in there!

More later, then.

UPDATE: Well, I'm kind of close to where I had it... The new "Archive" widget is kind of neat. I'm working on trying to get all of the "Subject" label fields filled in, now that Google has made it a little easier to do them in bulk. That said, there are still hundreds of posts to tag. Bleh.

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