Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkeyday freakout

Subject: Musings
I've just finished picking apart the turkey I cooked for this week's festivities. "Ripped the carcass asunder", as Tom Robbin puts it in "Skinny Legs and All" (a book I'm re-reading for the first time in 15 years or so). "Like a little poem". You know what I mean.

For the afternoon I watched a couple of "Mystery Science 3000" episodes, to try and conjure the "old days" where it was re-run on Thanksgiving as the heart of a "Turkey Day marathon" -- and I'd be the only one left at the house (my housemates having family not to far away) -- so I'd cook up a stuffed bird, drink a lot of Guinness (and a Finger-Lakes-produced dry Reisling like Dr. Frank), and revel in my hedonistic carnivoriousness. So today isn't all that different.

I did try to get started on "MADLAX", though. I've been asked by Makoto to write about it for his next fanzine release, so I figured I should do a "quick" refresher before doing so. But right now, the turkey-induced tryptophan dosage is doing it's magic, and I fear that I'll be passed-out asleep before too long; just like last year's Turkey Day attempt.

Granted, that was supposed to be the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy; extended versions no less, so it's no wonder I was totally zonked out by this point. Still, it's highly unlikely that I'll get much further. I'll give it a shot, but I won't hold my breath, as it were.

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