Saturday, December 30, 2006


Subject: Musings
I am apparently allergic to Arizona.

Well, that is to say, on Wednesday, a dust storm kicked up, and my sinuses completely went into overdrive. I was able to find some wimpy Benadrils to help, but because of this whole crystal meth craziness, it was impossible to get a hold of normal old-fashioned Sudafed. So I got to fly home with my head totally stuffed and no sleep. And if you've been in a plane, you know how the change in air pressure affects your ears? Well, imagine it while all stuffed up. Ouch.

So today, I'm still on West-coast time, eating chicken noodle soup, popping Sudafeds that I had to sign away for, and more or less miserably trying to keep my forehead from imploding. I guess I need a vacation from my vacation right about now.

More later; staring at the computer is making me dizzy.

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