Monday, December 18, 2006


Subject: TV
"Dexter" had it's season finale, and for once I wasn't quite keeping ahead of it and predicting everything. The red herrings were a bit mundane, and in retrospect, the "final encounter" was really cliche... but because of the word that there would be a second season, I was wasn't entirely expecting it, figuring the chase would continue into the next season for some lame reason.

The performances were kind of fraying around the edges, too. For every believable moment, there were 2 or 3 forced ones, it seemed. Still, the ticking-clock tension was entertainingly maintained for most of it, and it still held my interest better than most normal network shows. But I'm figuring that by the time the next season rolls around, they'll need to have a mighty compelling hook to bring me back. It's kind of absurd that they're going to try and drag it out more.

"Battlestar Galactica" is pausing on a bit of a showdown cliffhanger, with Adama about to nuke the temple from orbit (it's the only way he can be sure... *cough*), which I suppose would mercifuly end the soap opera of jealousy and betrayal that's passing for drama down there. Well, that's a bit reactionary, I suppose -- it's being performed reasonably well, but it's a bit of an eye-roller at times. More interesting is why the Cheif was inexplicably drawn to discover the temple in the first place... is he actually a Cylon like he suspected way back when? There's a big to-do being made about the "final five" or whatever, and Baltar may be one of them as well. Anyway, the show will be back in another month, but they're moving it to Sunday nights. In the "Dexter" timeslot, oddly enough... (different network, obviously) Weird place to put it though.

Finally, I caught up with the last couple of "Torchwood" eps; and the stories and side characters are probably the most interesting thing about them. The main characters, though... not so much. As much as I want to learn more about Jack's circumstances, he's just not very compelling. And everyone else ranges from unintersting to mildly repulsive. Still, it's better than most, but all in all, I'd rather be watching more Doctor Who. When's that Christmas episode due?

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