Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ferry fare-thee-well

Subject: Musings
The Rochester "fast ferry" just slipped over the horizon due north of my house at 7:50pm.

It was way the heck out there, but it's huge, so I stood out in the cold (with a nice smoke!) and watched it slowly creep across the horizon until it dissappeared.

Oh well, it would have been cool to keep it around, but I never got around to riding it over to Toronto. And, apparently, so did the thousands of other wannabe riders who also didn't spend any money on it either. Thus it lost millions for the City of Rochester.

Tomorrow I fly to San Diego, where I'll spend the weekend before driving over the The Middle Of Nowhere, Arizona for Christmas week. Supposed to be sunny and mild for the whole trip. I'll have my laptop, and will hopefully post a picture or three, but there won't be much media blogging, and when I'm in The Middle of Nowhere, I probably won't be connected all that often. Probably for the better.

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