Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nice day for a drive

Subject: Musings
I forgot to mention the one bright spot from yesterday: at the car rental counter, they had a cheap upgrade available to the special-edition Shelby-customized Mustang. I was just going to get a convertible like mine, but I thought this would be pretty cool.

Pics later, but essentially it's a souped-up, aggressive version of what I've got, and it has quite a nice get-up-and-go to it. The ride is a little rougher because of the stiffened sport suspension, but that also made it handle corners a lot better than mine. And the exhaust rumble... a lot of fun; you can hear it coming around the block.

Okay, it's a total poseur-mobile, but on Monday when I trek out across the desert to get to The Middle Of Nowhere, I'll be digging it on the wide-open freeway.

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