Friday, December 01, 2006


Subject: Musings
The Nintendo "Wiii" holds a certain mythalogical place in my heart, depsite the fact that I haven't played many video games for many years.

I'm very, very attracted to the new way that the motion-sensitive contollers make such an impact on gameplay. The last console I owned was the totally ancient ColecoVision, and I played so much Dig-Dug that I must have earned a mineralogical PhD somewhere along the line... Well, okay, maybe not...

The Wii, despite it's lack of HDTV resolution, is apparently the pinnacle of gameplay, what with its' motion-control widgets and throwing-cow madness. The only Nintendo console game I've played is the origianal "Bomberman", but I'm more than willing to make up for lost time if the gameplay of this nifty little device is all that they say.

I think I'm going to have to wait until after the holidays to find a reasonably-priced version, which I think I'm okay with. Let the Xmas shoppers get all of the hype out of the way. But come January, I think I might dive in and join this whole "Wii" insanity for myself. Let's see...

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