Friday, December 22, 2006

Off to a wonderful start. Not.

Subject: Musings
Well, after waffling about bringing my laptop and not bringing my laptop, I decided to lug it along anyhow. I figured since I'm splurging on first class tickets (the regular fare at the times I wanted weren't much cheaper, so why not?), I wouldn't need to be standing around all that much.

Well, it turns out the weather in Chicago sucks this morning, and the plane isn't even here yet, though the flight was supposed to leave an hour ago. Combined with the fracas in Denver that stranded thousands, there's no guaranteed alternate flights that will get me to San Diego before tomorrow night.

So I'm going to get to Chicago and try the dreaded "standby" gamble.

Again, since I'm flying first class, it's usually easier to get on one that way than with economy. But it does mean being stranded in O'Hare for hours, lugging this laptop and my carryon from gate to gate like some sort of gypsy-in-a-sportcoat.

Best case, I'll get to San Diego by 5:30 Pacific time. Worst (for today), 10pm. I'd rather not think about being stuck overnight. Bleh.

At least the Rochester airport has free WiFi, so here I am, blogging away. I won't bother with pictures, because if you've seen one gray and drizzly airport tarmac, you've seen them all.

UPDATE: I'm in O'Hare now, and have 2 hours to kill. Just checking messages first while trying to recharge a little, then I think I'll go find a beer somewhere. Hope I can make it on the next one.

UPDATE 7:30 Pacific Time: Finally, I made it. That took way too long. I managed to get on that flight, but there weren't any first class tickets left. Grrr. But I managed to get an aisle seat on the emergency exit row, and there was no middle passenger, so it worked out all right.

Except I didn't get any meal like I would have in first class. So now I'm exhausted, starving, and really thirsty. Luckily the Gaslamp Quarter has a zillion pubs and restaurants to choose from; I'm just too tired to leave my room yet, though. *sigh*

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