Monday, December 25, 2006

Quick Pix

Subject: Musings
Well, I had a nice time exploring a little today, though my evening wound up a bit of a dissappointment. Not a big surprise considering it's Christmas eve, but there's not much open here in the "Gaslamp Quarter". The restaurant I went to was quite nice, and the entree was very tasty (a seafood California/Asian thing), but holy moly it was expensive. Overall I'm dissappointed in this area.

Next time, I think I'll try staying around Pacific Beach, where I hung out this afternoon. That's a funkier, and way more laid back, surfer-bohemian kind of place, and it was really nice.

Here's some pics:

From my room:

Surfers at Pacific Beach:

On the beach:

More beach:

The view from Point Loma:

Well, in the morning I'm off for the Middle Of Nowhere. I doubt I'll get to be connected until I'm on my way back home. So, Happy Generic Winter Solstice Festivities, everyone!

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