Tuesday, December 05, 2006

TV Blurbs

Subject: TV
Just a quick roundup of my weekly TV usuals... plus it'll get that insanity off the top of the page. *cough*

"Torchwood" -- Kind of a bit of an odd episode, which sort of half-heartedly got into an "ethics of ressurrection" thing, but wound up generally utilitarian about it in the long run. Towards the end, it finally hints at what may be the series "arc" -- something "big and dark" and heading this way; heading for Jack. Or something like that. Maybe that means we'll graduate from "monster-of-the-week" mode soon.

"Dexter" -- The side stories are still reeking of obviousness, and by the end of the episode they've pretty much put all of Dexter's repressed trauma out for all to see, in tiny-but-obvious flashback flashes. But ol' Ice Truck dude is starting to slip up a lot, and seems to be unravelling a lot more in a way that seems uncharacteristic of his, uh, character. Looks like we're heading for a bit of a climax/breakthrough, which is good, because I don't know how much longer they can drag it out for. We already know everything. Now it's just more ticking-clock.

"Hereos" -- the year-ender meant to keep us hanging for a few weeks over the holidays. And the characters were kind of interesting to see how the threads of the plots started to cross. So much so that the one thread still hanging out there (Niki et al) seems so much less interesting. Yeah, I know, there was a path-crossing there a while back as well, but it doesn't seem to play into the destiny that everyone else does. And while most everything that happened was more or less predictable, the one "twist" around Peter's vision admittedly left enough of a hook to make me curious as to what it all meant. But, a hiatus for a few weeks will be fine.

Also year-ending, "Studio 60" -- of course, it was "The Christmas Episode". And oddly enough, the humour is actually getting funnier. Just a bit, but now it feels more believable that they're writing a comedy show. Well, just a bit. Lots of little charming moments, even enough to overlook just how many pet-peeve issues Sorkin was packing in there. From the FCC to New Orleans. The New Orleans bit involved actual musicians from there, and I've got to say, it was a nicely crafted moment. Well, the camera could have slowed it's swoopiness a bit. But it was nice. Of course, there were a couple of predictable over-sappy moments thrown in, but I guess I'll at least say that they were well-performed.

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