Friday, December 15, 2006

You reek, eh? Plus more undead fashion and extra-large non-kids

Subject: Noir
I didn't get a chance to post much this week; sorry 'bout that.

I caught up with episode 9 of "Red Garden", which more or less just continues where we've been before. More clues as to what's going on (well, some somewhat blatent tell-all monologuing), but no song this week. There's some subtley good things going on with the animation in a few places, which really make a couple of the characters come to life. Even though they're undead and all. Well, you know...

Disc 4 of "Eureka Seven" -- I dunno. Just when it totally starts to annoy me with Renton's clueless immaturity, it goes and puts a couple of little neat twists in it. Then it goes back and annoys me with the overall immaturity. *sigh* I dunno. I was more appreciative of the overall animation effort in this one, and there's a lot of "life" to go around because of it, which is lacking in oh so much anime. I just wish it were better written. Still, there's a few things that are still managing to hook me at least a little bit longer. We'll see.

"Fantastic Children" disc 5 -- A bit more of the backstory from the last disc. It had been a while since I saw it and I forgot a lot of it, but it started coming back to me after a bit. It turns out that the Greecians' real selves are huuuuge. Reminds me of Robotech... *cough* At any rate, I think there's just one more disc and it'll conclude. Oh, and I think I've already figured out that the spastic karate kid is Tina's long lost half-metal sweetie. I think I figured that out on the last disc. And that the Science Hag was the albino girl who lost it in the earliest episodes. Oh, and one more: the detective is Palzo. Well, somebody important has to be Palzo. And why I remember his name and not most anyone else's is quite wierd. I guess "Palzo" is easy to remember.

I realized that I haven't written up the end of "Tsubasa Chronicle" season 2 yet. I think I'll quickly re-watch it and then sum up the series. Also, the TV report for the week is cut in half, but I should say something about that, too. And then there's some "Galact-oh-yeah" to watch. Oh yeah!

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