Saturday, January 06, 2007

"El Cazador" -- Bee Train's Girls-with-Guns trilogy continues!

Subject: Noir
I did my daily browse over to the Anime News Service and nearly soiled myself! *cough*

Here's the skinny:

1-6-07 (12:47PM EST)---- Unofficial Noir / Madlax Sequel - El-Cazador

Scheduled to begin broadcast in April, 2007 is the El-Cazador anime TV series. Confirmed staff include Dirtector: Koichi Mashimo (Noir, Eat Man, .Hack), Character Designs: Yoko Kikuchi (Noir), Series Composition: Kanemaki Kenichi (Jigoku Shoujo), Music: Yuki Kajiura (Noir, Eat Man, . Hack), Animation Production: Bee Train. Official Site: The story centers on characters Ellice and bounty hunter Nadi. Following Noir and Madlax, this will be the thrid installment in a series of what Director Koichi Mashimo has referred to as his girls-with-guns genre trilogy. Look for spreads and images in the current crop of anime magazines making their way into Japanese retail outlets this next week.

Here's a pic (via the Moonphase diary entry on the subject):

I'm searching everywhere for more, but coming up short.

Discussion and rumors/speculation can be had over on the Bee Train Fan forum, as usual.

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