Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"El Cazador" site is up... sort of...

Subject: Noir
The "El Cazador" site is up and has all of two pics right now. And a blurb of info that I don't have a translation for just yet (I'm at work, I'll have to dig when I'm home.)

But the full title is now "El Cazador de la Bruja" -- "The Witch Hunter". Which means that crazy liner-note thing from Mashimo in the last "MADLAX" disc was right.

Also, over on the forum, there's another large pic from the latest NewType issue. Plus, I found a larger version of the small pic below, which I'll also post when I get home. There's a lot of text on it, but it's all in Japanese, so we'll just have to glean whatever info we can from the rest of the web. *sigh*

As I posted in the forum, my friend Makoto (who's fanzine I was writing the "MADLAX" article for) gave me a couple of tidbits. First is that he knew about this for a while, but the producer who told him swore him to secrecy. Second, he was just talking to one of the staff at Comiket, and he had said the script was stalled. Third, and most interesting, Yuki Kajiura actually went to Peru to do research for the soundtrack! And the setting is purportedly in South America, but that's unclear at the moment.

I've been reading machine-translated Japanese blogs 'til my eyes bled, but I haven't gotten any more info than that. Some speculation as to whether or not it will be a Hi-Def broadcast like ".hack//Roots" (a possibility that hadn't yet had the chance to occur to me -- makes me feel all tingly! *grin*), and some hard-to-decipher 2chan thread about unit sales of the "Noir" vs. "MADLAX" vs. what "El Cazador" would need to be.

More later. Best, latest info in the forum, hopefully.

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