Monday, January 15, 2007

Isn't that just Torchy. Plus other sci-fi Mediocrity...

Subject: TV
So "Torchwood" tries to pull it's final mediocre attempt at shock & awe and gets all man-kissy in episode 11. Which is a fair trade for all the previous girl-kissy scenes, I suppose, but it was kind of lame overall. Frankly, all the kissing in this show, straight, bi, or interspecies, has been rather boring and kind of lame overall. It's like the show is trying to check off a list of things to make it "hip" or "controversial", but there's no real followthrough.

And this particular episode (12) lays on the a creepy edge -- Captain Jack stuck in the past, and the real, doomed, Captain Jack who's identity he "borrowed" back then. Um, eww? Well, I suppose yaoi fans may dig a couple of guys giving each other stubble-burn, but if it's anything like the rest of it, I'd bet it'll be boring to them too.

And to finish off the series, we get some weird time-rift-produced giant monster rampaging around the city, who is anticlimactically deus-ex-machina'd by Captain Jack. And everybody who works for him acts like a douche, but then are all weepy, and then there's more man-kissing, and then he dissappears -- to the sound of the TARDIS dematerializing. And I'm all like "huh?"... Does that mean that's it for the show? Is he going to wind up back in the regular Who episodes when the season resumes? Do I care anymore?

In other sci-fi TV, while killing time awaiting the return of Galact-oh-yeah, I'd DVR'ed some HDTV-rebroadcast reruns and DVD collections of "Firefly", "Star Trek: Enterprise" and "Deep Space Nine" and more recently "Stargate: Atlantis". I dunno, maybe I was desperate or something.

Out of the bunch, "Firefly" still holds up the best, but after having watched all the DVDs in the last couple of years, I'm not finding much added-value in the HDTV broadcast. And I think I should probably let the show simmer for a while longer before I bother rewatching it again.

"Enterprise", in the first season, really was kind of lame, wasn't it? I seem to be a little nostalgic about it because I must have been desperate for some sci-fi at the time, and it's all there was. But despite the bump-up in picture quality, it's coming across as rather dated already. The latter seasons were a little better, so maybe I'll hold off watching any more until it catches up to those.

"Deep Space Nine" was a Saturday-evening staple for me during it's original broadcast run, but I moved out here where I couldn't receive it anymore, just when it was getting into the good parts. So I missed a huge swath of the Dominion war and all that. So now that I've started a Netflix subscription, I've been starting those from about season 3. I think I should have started a little later, though, as this season is still echoing a lot of it's cheesy beginnings, and it's kind of tedious to watch more than one at a time the way it is. Which slows down my disc turnaround, which means it's going to take too long to get through my queue. Oh well.

"Atlantis" is off to a weak start, in that it's really just a clone of the rather tired "SG-1" structure, but with different characters. I was really enjoying "SG-1" back "in the day" -- again, mostly due to the lack of anything else, but also because the characters were entertaining too. Hard to say if these guys have the same potential to grow on me. I'm not particularly hopeful at this point, but I'll give it a few more episodes to see.

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