Thursday, January 11, 2007

NewType/Animage "El Cazador" article translation: "The story is serious and direction is harder."

Subject: Noir
Makoto's wife Keiko very graciously translated the article that is on those magazine "scans" that are going around.

You can find it on Bee Train Fan, go figure.

To sum up, it's a teasingly-short interview with Koichi Mashimo, with a couple of blurbs about the characters, scenario, and setting. It's confirmed that he intended it to be the third installment of his trilogy. And it looks like it was inspired ("in a way") by Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns (awesome! and... "Mmm, pasta!"), and, for some reason, Quentin Tarintino. Well, that's what the interviewer asked in combination with the Westerns; he didn't say that directly.

"Mexico or Latin America is the stage for this story". That doesn't entirely conflict with "South America", but no direct mention of Peru anywhere; that was just where Yuki Kajiura went for research, I guess. Peru's got a huge Japanese community, though; in case you didn't know.

The character blurbs:
Ellis is wanted as a murder suspect of a physicist, Heintz. She was produced by Leviathan and has witch's DNA.

Nadie is a bounty hunter. She tries to find Ellis' hometown with her. She has a 45-caliber gun, Colt Government.

Leviathan, eh? Added to the whole notion of running from El Cazador, it sounds like there's two big 'n scary organizations to fight in this one.

Anyway, go read the whole thing (it's short, like I said).

EDIT: I've been misspelling "Animage" as "Animege"; oops!

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