Friday, January 26, 2007

TV catch-up

Subject: TV
This week saw the return of the rest of my shows for the season. Oddly enough, they're all packed together on Sunday and Monday nights, and run rather late into the evening, at that.

"Rome", as I mentioned, is back with season 2 on HBO, and it's barrelling along as if the break never happened. Well, with a couple of mild differences... I mentioned that Octavian looks older; so does Cleopatara -- though admittedly the effect is pretty convincing, seeing as it's supposed to have been 4 years since Caeser was there. Also, everyone's attitude seems a bit off. Sure, there are obvious changes of circumstance and there's a new arc with new motivations to propell it, but something's, well... off.

No biggie, just a nit. I'm more than happy to keep tagging along for the ride. Oh, and in this episode, it's definitely more like "Sopranos in togas" than "Deadwood in togas", now that we're getting a taste of the Roman underworld.

"Battlestar Galactica" (oh-yeah-oh-yeah) is on at a very weird timeslot, but a DVR helps there. We continue with the pre-break cliffhanger, and jump from tense standoff to tense standoff, and, oh yeah, the freakin' sun is about to explode. The cylons are getting extra-freaky weird, and Lucy Lawless' character is shut down and put in the closet along with all the old '486 motherboards and 512MB hard drives that they paid so much money for back when they were new. (*cough*) Anyway, still fun, still going.

"Heroes" is back, and acts like it's taken just as much of a break as we did. And now it looks like we're going to be taking the express shuttle back 'n forth between NYC and Vegas, as we keep going in circles reinforcing just how interconnected everyone is gee-isn't-that-strange. And, of course, there are supposed to be new heroes added to the mix, and we meet one (wasn't he in Genesis? What's his name...?), but between the dream sequences and Hiro being all hyper-enthusiastic as usual, it's hard to see if we're progressing any futher in the plot. Plot? Well, I guess there's one... but they saved Hayden Planeterium already, now what? Peter freaks out with a big boom? Sure, okay.

Finally, "Studio 60" is back, and according to Sorkin, going to take on more of a "romantic comedy" twist. Oh, joy. Well, I suppose whatever it takes to keep the otherwise enjoyable witty moments coming, but I really don't like the whole "creepy stalking is the same as being a committed romantic" angle. Don't like it at all.

Because it never works in reality!

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