Friday, January 19, 2007

Yuki Kajiura did go to Peru for "El Cazador" research

Subject: Noir
Makoto posted a few interesting links over to Yuki Kajiura's blog, which describe her trip to Peru back in November:

(I recommend starting with the Google Translation of Makoto's page, and visiting them that way so you can have any small hope of catching some of what's being said... Remember that Mashimo's is read as "under the truth" and Yuki Kajiura's name is "rudder inlet girl")

He seems to be speculating that it was Mashimo who accompanied her, or at least someone from Bee Train ("biitorein"), but I wasn't able to glean anything specific from his post or hers. Since it was back in November, that probably would have been a big secret, I figure.

Anyway, there are pictures and such (she went to Machu Pichu and Cuzco and Lima). And this at least confirms the speculation I've been posting earlier.

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