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"El Cazador" cast info!

Subject: Noir
...via Moonphase (and translation from Moetron), BTF member Fignae posted the latest cast info over on Bee Train Fan. Here 'tis:
> オープニング曲:「光の行方」savage genius
> エンディング曲:「romanesque」FictionJunction YUUKA
> エリス:清水愛
> ナディ:伊藤静
> ジョディ・ヘイワード:久川綾
> ダグラス・ローゼンバーグ:三宅健太
> エル・エー:宮野真守
> ハインツ・シュナイダー:三木眞一郎
> リカルド:立木文彦

* Opening Theme: “Hikari no Yukue” - savage genius
* Closing Theme: “romanesque” - FictionJunction YUUKA
* Ellis: (Shimizu Ai)
* Nadi: (Itou Shizuka)
* Jodie Hayward: (Hisakawa Aya)
* Douglas Rosenberg: (Miyake Kenta)
* L.A: (Miyano Mamoru)
* Heinz Schneider: (Miki Shinichiro)
* Ricardo: (Tachiki Fumihiko)

Out of 'em all, only Aya Hisakawa is the only Girl With a Gun carried over from our previous two favorites, which is kind of sad. However, I have some speculation about that based on a couple of things I've read a while back. But I'll get to it later; I'm actually at work right now. *cough*

Anyway, more info over on the 'Fan, as the fans find it! *grin*

UPDATE: Okay, here's some food for speculation, which I just posted on the forum. Back in October of '05 when we were speculating about what the 3rd series might be, one of the forum members posted a rumor that came directly from Monica Rial's mouth at that year's Anime Expo:
I heard about a possible Noir - Madlax crossover when I attended the Anime Expo in Anaheim, CA earlier this year. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to get Monica Rial's autograph and asked her why she had no involvement with Madlax. She told me they did not want any of the main voice actors in Noir to be in Madlax due to the rumors of the cross over show. She wasn't quite sure how it would be done since Madlax was primarily set in a fictitious region, but was looking forward to returning to the role of Kirika.

More recently, in the AnimeOnDVD thread about "El Cazador", there was this, from member "Nork 22":
Ah so this is the series that will have cameos of the girls from Noir and Madlax. Well that's what Matt Greenfield told me last year.

So... does this validate anything? No, not really. But there's now that possibility (and I'm not sure what I feel about it...).

Oh, and the other possibility is that ADV may already has this pre-licensed. Which means no legit fansubs, if they announce it. Hrm.

(It also might mean a swift DVD release. Which would be nice.)

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