Thursday, February 08, 2007

"El Cazador" official site updated...

Subject: Noir
...including a Character page with images.

Here's the Google translations; I'm sure there'll be better ones floating around in no time:
Ellis (CV: Shimizu love)

The girl who arranges as the suspect of physicist Heintz Schneider murder.
The enormous prize gold is applied in reverse side society.
It is said that it ceased to exist in far former times, it has DNA “of the witch”, but as for the ability being unanticipated, imperfection.
In order to verify the truth of incident, faint memory you search your own home in depending, face to south.

Nadei (CV: Itoh quiet)

Woman prize income of one wolf. Drifter. Regularly using the colt government of 45 apertures which become old.
We would like to do suddenly, it comes and handle and others and with Ellis it means to aim toward south.
  You have dressed up the self-indulgent optimism person, but it was attacked the home in some person, one person survived simply
With it has the past when you say.


nae said...

LOL, at least change the names back. And this translation is quite sufficient. Let me just reshape the first one a bit with the help of my weak Japanese.

Ellis (CV: Shimizu Ai)

A young girl suspected to be involved in the physicist Heintz Schneider's murder, she is wanted by the underworld, with a huge bounty on her head. She has the "witch" DNA that was said to have been eliminated a long time ago, but this ability of hers is inconsistent. Depending on her hazy memories to search for her hometown, she heads south, hoping to discover the truth.

Fellini 8.5 said...

Heh, thanks for that. It didn't quite click for me that those were the names there... In too much of a hurry this week. *sigh*