Friday, February 02, 2007

Same ol'.

Subject: TV
Crazy-busy these past couple of weeks thanks to a last-minute rush at work. I'm hoping for some sporadic down-time starting Saturday, but I've got a lot of catching-up on the stuff I've been ignoring. Bleh.

Thanks to the miracle of DVR technology, I was able to squeeze in my "final four" shows over the week, and honestly, there's not an awful lot to say about any of them.

Well, except on "Heroes", where George Takei shows up as Hiro's father. I started laughing so hard, I think I pulled a muscle. Oh, and the "invisible guy" isn't that guy from Genesis at all, but actually Christopher Eccleston, the first post-modern Doctor from "Doctor Who". Totally blew right by me; I only realized it after I read it somewhere. Unfortunately, the show itself isn't scoring a lot of "fun" points, instead heading more into tedium-ville.

That's about it, though. I think I was more inclined to write about "Galactica" when I got to watch it with a few beers on the weekend; this Sunday night thing blows in that regard. *Sigh*

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