Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"El Cazador" info & Mashimo interview in NewType USA

Subject: Noir
Forum member Matrim posts an English interview with Koichi Mashimo found over on AnimeSuki, which seems to be the translation of the same interview from before, only with a few additional aspects to it.

It's as short as the previous, but the key quote from Mashimo:
"During an inteview, I accidently blurted out something about [Noir and Madlax being part of] a 'trilogy', which forced me to follow through and actually make a thrid installment!"

And another key bit from the end:
NewType USA In keeping with the Latin American setting, 'El Cazador' has a lighter more positive feel than it's ultra serious sisters, although it still deal with some fairly weighty topics.

KM "Weve tried a lot of new things and took on many new challenges in order to fine-tune the characters and the overall mood of the show. Everyone on the staff wants this one to be a worthy final chapter in the 'trilogy', and we're giving it our all."

I've noted over on the forum that the "lighter" aspects don't seem to go too far into the realm of the ridiculous. As long as it can keep it to a sort of "Cowboy Bebop" level at it's worst, then it should be okay. Though I'd prefer to match the "ultra serious sisters"... *sigh*

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